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Who We Are

Debt is owed, but our work isn’t quite so simple.

When credit issues, repayment matters. Our creditor clients rely on us to leverage our decades of experience to present suitable repayment solutions.

The attorneys at Ratchford Law Group, P.C. have provided recovery management services since 2004, always staying up to date with our changing industry regulations.

Our firm’s footprint spans multiple states in the Northeast, providing our client’s convenience in their debt recovery. The attorneys and recovery specialists have experience in each of these states, resulting in a higher standard of quality control and consistent work product.


To achieve our client’s goals, we remain mindful of an individual consumer’s challenges. In this industry, treating people well is just as important as understanding laws and regulations. Our record of debt recovery speaks for itself, but it wasn’t achieved overnight. Our guiding tenet has always been to do the right thing, not what is easy.

Along with our technology systems, Ratchford Law Group, P.C. offers other online services such as skiptracing, credit report access, scoring to determine collectibility, and effective calling campaign strategies.

With industry-specific strategies and services, Ratchford Law Group, P.C. provides results that improve the bottom line through accelerated cash flow, lower operating costs, reduced bad debt expenses, and improved customer retention.

Our client-oriented accounts receivables personnel and support staff have been carefully selected for their expertise, attitudes, and values. Our staff members are thoroughly trained and supervised to ensure that they are constantly maintaining your positive public image.