To provide our clients with the best possible performance and service it is necessary in today’s competitive environment to invest in state-of-the-art technology. Solomon and Solomon, P.C. prides itself in our technological abilities and continuously strives to be on the cutting edge. Listed below are various examples of the types of technology we employ to provide you with the results and service you require.

  • In-house developed collection software allows for quick and effective response to our clients' requirements for reports, work standards or billing processes;

  • Use of the state of the art IBM System i Model 520;

  • Our call center is managed by a Noble Systems call management system, providing sophisticated routing and outbound predictive capabilities;

  • A wide array of skip-trace tools for cross-referencing, credit bureau and social security searches and motor vehicle/asset record review;

  • System peripherals to allow receipt of client referrals through edi, PGP encrypted ftp, encrypted email, disk, computer tape, etc.;

  • Communication equipment giving our clients remote inquiry capability;

  • Strategic account scoring and data mining.



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