Procuring and Enforcing Judgments

As a full-service law firm, Solomon and Solomon, P.C. uses the most appropriate and cost-effective legal methods to collect delinquent receivables. We are able to litigate accounts in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

For litigation outside of these states, we have developed an impressive network of forwarding attorneys, who have been rigidly screened and must comply with each of our client’s requirements. Forwarded accounts are centralized, monitored and billed through our home office in Albany, N.Y.

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Limited solely to creditor's rights, our bankruptcy department represents a variety of creditors and handles a substantial number of bankruptcy challenge matters.

Foreclosure Proceedings

In addition to the collection of unsecured debt, Solomon and Solomon, P.C. also handles the collection of debt secured by real property. Our foreclosure department works quickly and diligently to enforce our client’s security interest. Additionally, our bankruptcy department is ready to assist our client should a bankruptcy petition be filed during the foreclosure proceedings.



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